Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm Out of the Closet

Well, it's about time I make a public confession. I have become addicted to polymer clay. All of my painting materials have been sitting there next to me, untouched. I'm a serious artist ( meaning I take making art seriously, not that I'm personally serious...good heavens) and before this affliction I painted seven days a week, if possible. Now I'm claying seven days a week. Of course, I do have goals set for my paintings, so this will have to be moderated somehow.

I've started with jewelry and I'm very critical of my work. After I feel my jewelry is decent, I want to move on to sculpture....not dollmaking, but I'll be trying to represent my painting ideas in three dimensions.

You can see I have tried stamping, caning, mokume gane,and other things I can't show you yet. 
Anyway, all you serious clayers out there, please leave comments and criticisms of my work. I've been lurking aournd your blogs for a few months now, so I feel I know some of you already.


  1. I really like the mokume gane rectangular red/gold in the center of the photo and the flower stamped one in the first photo.

  2. Great start at polymer, Deborah. Keep it up. It's fun to find another creative outlet, isn't it?

  3. Hi Deb, your clay pieces really rock! Love the the little women and the hearts! What do I need to do to get one of the hearts?

  4. I can see you have been busy trying lots of different things. I am also experimenting with different ways of using clay at the moment and understand your attraction to it - there are just so many different things you can do!

    Wish I could spend 7 days a week with clay - enjoy your time and I look forward to seeing how your work develops.